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Consulting Services for the Financial (Insurance) Industry Tokyo


11-28 Consulting Services for the Financial (Insurance) Industry/コンサルティングサービス(金融業界)


Professional Services & Consulting

5-15 million
1. Business strategy formulation, organizational restructuring support.
2. Operation model transformation support (business visualization / costing).
3. Customer experience, sales reinforcement support.
4. IT strategy.
5. Overseas expansion support.
6. Business management, risk management, Regulatory support.


 Consulting Farmer

1. [Specialized field]
(Required) Experience in the consulting industry
Does not require knowledge and experience in the insurance industry

2. [Experienced work]
(Required) ・ Business and IT planning/project experience
(good) Operational reform, Some of execution support experience a plus

(required) level there is no hindrance to read and write
(it should be noted that good) international offices and the conference call can be level
(TOEIC estimate) more than 700 points

For non-consulting firm (company) graduates
insurance companies and other events Acceptable at business companies
(required) ・ Management planning
/ Business development / New business planning
/ Sales planning
・ Some other corporate staff departments *(Sales only, IT only, etc. are not allowed)

・[English ability]
(Required) Some degree of speaking / reading
(good) Study abroad
(TOEIC guideline) 850 or more

Other requirements that are desirable
(it is not necessary to meet all the following requirements)
・ Has experience as an architect in the technology field
(Preferably covers integration architecture using New Technology such as Open API, AI bot, Blockchain in addition to concept design)

・ Hands-on If you have the delivery of the experience of the type
(Keyword Robotics, AI, cloud, IoT, Agile, DevOps,voice recognition, etc.)

Person who has the experience, which was involved in the planning and design systems out