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Marketing & Customer Experience Unit Tokyo


12-05 Marketing & Customer Experience Unit
マーケティング & カスタマーエクスペリエンス 


Professional Services & Consulting

6-10 million
 1. A wide range of consulting services from strategy, process change, organizational change and technology in the marketing domain
2. Global expansion support
3. Digital marketing
4. Data marketing (DMP, big data, multivariate analysis)
5. Marketing cost optimization strategy
6. New business concept
7. IMC (Integrated Marketing Communication)
8. Brand strategy and evaluation
9. Marketing organization design
10. Marketing-based execution support
11. Adobe (Target, Campaign, Marketo, ExperienceManager, AudienceManager, Analytics)
12. Other marketing technologies

 1. Experience related to "marketing" "digital marketing" "data" "advertisement / promotion" "brand" "WEB / SNS" "customer DB / DMP" * Especially digital marketing
2. Experience in strategy construction, business model design business concept, etc.
3. Experience in business planning, sales planning, financial planning, or management data analysts
4. Experienced in company management plans such as medium-term management plan
5. Experienced in customer loyalty survey and design
6. Contact center / call center experience
7. Adobe experience (Target, Campaign, Marketo, ExperienceManager, AM, Analytics)
8. Other marketing technology experience