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Marketing Communication Team Specialist Tokyo


09-13 Marketing Communication Team Specialist/マーケティングコミュニケーションチームスペシャリスト


Professional Services & Consulting

7-10 million
 The company is a global network of professional firms providing audit, tax and advisory services. The company has approximately 207,000 employees in member firms in 153 countries and regions around the world.
At this company, experts in various digital fields such as data science, data visualization, cloud architecture, and system security are gathered from inside and outside the country as well as experts in advanced technologies of cloud, AI, blockchain and IoT. Safe management of huge and complex data, development and operation of platforms using Agile and DevOps methods, analysis to reflect the data in management decisions, and visualization for easy understanding of the data We will promote.
By combining these latest digital technologies with the expertise that KPMG Japan has cultivated so far, we will collaborate globally and create a common platform and solutions.

KPMG Ignition Tokyo Destructive Innovation
• At KPMG Ignition Tokyo (KIT), I belong to the marketing team and promote the work related to KIT marketing communication.
• The work consists of the following tasks: and management - speech slides, brochures, video, novelty, etc., production and management of productions - promotion of the activities of Corporate PR • solutions PR - communication and coordination with each team in the KIT
• Collaboration with M & C departments within KPMG

1. Understanding the progress of work in Japan
2. Having interest in technology and literacy
3. High communication ability (can build relationships with internal and external stakeholders)
4. Self-starter there with the attitude to contribute as a middle office
5. 3 years of marketing and communications, PR experience
- production management, can progress management
- Can make suggestions for productions
– Have experience in SNS posting, have literacy
– Can shoot and collect simple materials
– The above experience in B2B companies is desirable
6. Management / IT consulting, other work experience in B2B companies (including front desk)
• Japanese Skills: Native
• English: Business level