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Insight Center Coordinator Tokyo


09-19 Insight Center Coordinator/インサイトセンターコーディネーター


Professional Services & Consulting

6-8 million
 The company’s Destructive Innovation plan and manage workshops and meetings, and manage teams and facilities.
1. Planning and management of workshops and meetings
• Communication with departments of group companies
• Preparations for workshops and meetings (creating agenda content)
• Facilitating facilitation on the day
• Follow-up after the event, etc.
2. Team and facility management, etc
• Operation and maintenance of large touch screens
• Various adjustments with collaborative departments and back office members


1. Basic operations (Outlook, Excel, Word, simple PowerPoint correction operation, etc.) skills required
2. Project manager and team leader experience
3. Communication skills / adjustment skills (internal and external) (A lot of communication occurs.)
4. A person who is flexible and able to respond flexibly (Because it is an organization that has just started, it is an environment in which operational rules are gradually being prepared)
5. Ability to communicate (* English may be used for communication with team members)
Japanese: Native level
English: Business level
1. Ideal service for clients / partners / directors as needed Based on past best practices to provide Those who can review and improve the process
2. Those who have experience in digital utilization support, etc.
3. Those who can make adjustments for sessions with clients and perform facilitation as necessary