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Brand, Advertising and Social Strategy Associate Manage Tokyo


09-04 Brand, Advertising and Social Strategy Associate Manager/ブランドアドバタイジング&ソーシャルストラテジーアソシエイトマネージャー


Professional Services & Consulting

6-9 million
1. Focus on building and creating best-in-class advertising campaigns that not only revere innovation and creativity but also strategically support the Japan growth strategy and business priorities.
2. Partner with agencies and paid media teams to deliver messages to our key audiences in the most appropriate channels, meeting the objectives of the brief.
3. Operate as part of a seamless, global collective of advertising experts – with local expertise, helping to provide insights that are unique to the Japanese market.
4. Assist the global creative team on global campaigns as needed.
5. While geography-focused, you’ll report into one global team of social experts representing different parts of the company—as well as teams such as Advertising, Digital and Data & Analytics—to partner on initiatives, share content and learnings, and facilitate other collaborative efforts that drive us all forward.
6. For social media, you will collaborate closely with Japan’s local marketing team, setting the strategy on how to most effectively use social to support the country’s priority agenda.
7. Set the strategic and operational approach for day-to-day social channel management, content creation,listening/engagement and events activation.


1. 5+ years advertising experience.
2. Strong project management skills, 3rd party vendor management skills.
3. Very strong verbal and written communication and story-telling skills (J/E).
4. Proven experience and track record in social media strategy/analysis.