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Data Scientist Manager Tokyo


09-04 Data Scientist Manager/データサイエンティストマネージャー


Information & Technology

9 -11.5 million
 Specific Responsibilities
1. Image processing, general ML related projects.
2. Data collection with required quality and cleansing by collaborating with
related departments across the company.
3. Build statistical/ML models to analyze data according to product requirements.
4. Rapidly develop proof-of-concept prototypes to prove out hypotheses.
5. Take ownership of the deliverables and technical document writings.


 Essential Skills and Experience
1. Experiences of using recent up-to-date machine learning technologies especially strong background from image processing fields.
2. Computer/Mathematical Science background and 4+ years working experience in practical data science related projects.
3. Ability to interpret results.
4. Willing to learn new technologies.
Preferred Skills
1. Working experience of Natural Language Processing such as topic extraction, answering system, summary-like generation.
2. Working experience of theoretical/practical algorithm development in those fields such as machine learning, mathematical optimization.
3. Experience of using Apache Spark or other platforms used in distributed computing