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Account Director, Adtec Tokyo


09-25 Account Director, Adtech/アカウントディレクター(アドテク)


Information & Technology

8.5 million
1. Build and maintain relationships with key clients and stakeholders within the local client portfolio
2. Deliver revenue performance for publisher partners through ongoing management of Trading Desks, Agencies & Brands
3. Provide training and support to buyers based within the region on the full buy-side product portfolio
4. Work closely with seller cloud teams to identify opportunities for publishers to grow RTB revenue
(Orders - Guaranteed and Non-Guaranteed & Open RTB)
5. Match traffic with buyers based on geographic/contextual/demographic targeting, impression volumes and
eCPM performance
6. Coordinate with internal groups to launch new campaigns and troubleshoot existing campaigns
7. Maximize the value of existing campaigns and deals
8. Drive Display, Mobile & Video Revenue
9. Forecast performance accurately within territory


1. Online advertising experience, either for a Trading desk, agency, ad network, or branded publisher
2. Have a detailed understanding of online advertising dynamics and campaign planning & buying, (specifically as
relate to Real Time Bidding)
3. Understand industry trends, technologies and pricing models
4. Strong contacts within RTB partners, Trading desks and Agencies
5. Experience in sales account management
6. Strong analytical skills including ability to spot trends in large data sets
7. Motivated to work in a fast-paced, fun environment
8. Ability to adapt to a changing environment quickly and easily
9. Problem identifier and solver
10. Able to handle multiple priorities
11. Strong organizational skills
12. Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal
13. Ambition, high energy and the will to succeed