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Social Media Manager Tokyo


09-25 Social Media Manager/ソーシャルメディアマネージャー


Media & Entertainment

8-10 million
1. Build comprehensive social media strategy across multi-social media networks by supporting ATL execution and driving positive engagement
2. Execute creative social campaigns across a variety of social media platforms
3. Work closely with Brand Marketing, Comms, and the rest of Publishing to drive integrated communication
4. Grow awareness for and reinforce the legitimacy of League of Legends
5. Track and measure social engagement data to continuously optimize the overall social media strategy and gauge the health of social program
6. Realize net-positive vs. negative comments on the internet


1. A Marketing Expert: you've used social media as a marketing tool, whether managing a brand or fostering community collaboration; you hone a professional marketing background in Japan for 8 years or relative experience
2. A Social Media Beacon: you've had experience posting on all sorts of social media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LINE and the forums; you're drawn to the unique two-way conversations social media encourages and are passionate about engaging with a robust community of players
3. A Player Engager: you're a hardcore gamer and identify with the audience, that's why you're great at hooking player attention and keeping them enthused
4. A Thoughtful Problem Solver: whether out in the community or in a meeting room, you enjoy the challenges of complex real world player pain points and use your marketing skills and social media knowledge in identifying the most elegant if not witty solution to solve them
5. Collaborative: you know not to dive in solo against your challenges, and that involving team members and working smart in a cross matrix organization will help you leverage obstacles and help you scale far beyond the limits of a single person
6. Multilingual: you're fluent in English and Japanese; you didn't learn these languages in a cultural vacuum and can pick up nuances that could mean the difference between pleasing someone and offending them