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PR Manager Tokyo


09-25 PR Manager/PRマネージャー


Media & Entertainment

8-10 million
1. Define and execute Japanese PR strategy, ensuring its consistency with global strategy while supporting the expansion of in Japan
2. Lead and organize events with our PR agency, including media tours, media events, and trade shows in Japan
3. Develop, edit, and approve press related materials like media alerts, press kits, interviews, and other essential routes of communication
4. Identify and report on digital/social media trends, tactics, and technologies while developing strategic recommendations that inform PR programs
5. Foster relationships with editorial publications, bloggers, and other media outlets


1. Educated and experienced: you've earned a bachelor's degree in Communications, Business Management, Marketing, or a related field; with over four years of gaming industry PR wrangling under your belt, you're well-versed with the nuances of working with agencies and third-party companies
2. An excellent communicator: you're a communicative dual-threat, able to clearly and succinctly express yourself in either written or verbal mediums; you're fluent in English and ideally other language
3. A PR dynamo: you're a one-stop public relations boutique, able to successfully create, plan, and execute strategic yet creative PR initiatives with a focus on sharing great stories; you know that PR's all about relationships, so you've built and fostered rapport with multiple PC gaming publications
4. Autonomous: you don't need to be given continual direction and know how to manage yourself; you're meticulously organized with an unquenchable drive for results
5. A gaming guru: you've been gaming since the dark days of dial-up and consider games an integral part of your daily routine