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Brand Manager Tokyo


09-25 Brand Manager/ブランドマネージャー


Media & Entertainment

8-15 million
1. Lead branding and marketing programs that engage players in Japan
2. Create campaign strategies in partnership with the development team and LA marketing teams that will hit the mark in culturally-relevant ways for players from Santa Monica to Tokyo
3. Establish and use KPIs to help us hand-craft marketing solutions that delight players
4. Evaluate and advocate new programs and campaigns that elevate and reinforce our games
5. Inspire, lead, and coach marketing associates who are responsible for global marketing programs


1. Experienced: you've got a deep knowledge of and a strong track record creating and executing marketing or brand campaigns focused on delivering value to players in unique and memorable ways
2. A creative: you have the ability to see the big picture and utilize your suite of skills to level up your team's creative ideas; you back up those strong marketing instincts with meticulous analysis, metrics, and stats
3. Strategic: your foresight is 20/20, enabling you to get a jump on future trends and shifts with seer-like accuracy; you anticipate consequences, creating breakthrough strategies and plans that zig when everyone else is stuck in the zag
4. An idea machine: your brainstorms make other brainstorms look like headsprinkles or braincloudies with a chance of scattered showers; you believe creativity blocks are for amateurs, and easily make connections where others see chasms
5. Player-focused: you're a lifelong gamer whose passion for games helps you stay focused on initiatives that make the difference to the players in and out of the game
6. A problem solver: when problems appear, you're the on-call fixer, applying your methodical approach to clean up even the stickiest of situations; you look past the obvious solution, checking in with all sources to uncover any hidden issues lying dormant
7. A team architect: you draw up the plans to build successful squads, engaging teammates with a strong foundation of belonging, spirit, expression, and accountability; when it's time to take a bow, you prefer spreading the praise across the team, sharing a win as one
8. Multilingual: you're fluent in English and Japanese; you didn't learn these languages in a cultural vacuum and can pick up nuances that could mean the difference between pleasing someone and offending them