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Senior consulting sales, Assessment & Development Tokyo


07-24 Senior consulting sales, Assessment & Development/シニアコンルティングセールス アセスメント&ディベロプメント


Professional Services & Consulting

9-13 million
1. Next-generation management human resource development program, leadership development, global leader development (Japanese / foreigners), management.
2. Training, evaluator training, customization proposal for management training such as assessment at promotion, content design-Human resource requirements definition for executive / high potential personnel, assessment, coaching planning and customization proposal, program design
3. Research, diagnostic tools and teaching materials on talent management, organizational and leadership development, mainly developed in the United States.
4. Provision of customized training programs, customization
5. Account management of clients centered on major companies-Project management in training implementation, program design and development, delivery work-
6. Planning and operation in various promotions.


1. Who havs 5 years or more experience in sales staff in training / assessment business.
2. 3 years or more experience in both human resources and sales in a business company.
3. Manager in management company / training / assessment company 3 years or more of management experience.
4. Experience in customizing assessment / training program.
5. Solution proposal experience using PowerPoint and original project proposal creation experience and creation support and development experience for junior members.
6. Project management experience (tasking out , Scheduling, resource management, various adjustments, etc.).
7. Those who can communicate with related parties inside and outside the company in English by e-mail.