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Digital Solution Manager Tokyo


09-18 Digital Solution Manager /デジタルソリューションマネージャー


Professional Serivices & Consulting

4-8 million
 1. Belonging to the Digital Solutions team and working with other divisions within KPMG to support the development of solutions for solving client issues
2. As a solution manager, the business from problem issue to execution of business solution
3. Form a small team with several developers for each project, collect and analyze information, construct and verify hypotheses, present recommendations and solutions
4. Include multiple stakeholders maintain consistency within the project team and always give precise guidance and insight
5. Collect and propose information on digital trends, ideas and unique solutions that solve complex and changing business challenges


1. It is essential to understand how to work in Japan
2. People with technology-related literacy who want to be active in the business domain
3. High communication skills ( good relationships with internal units and executive level clients)
4. Keep up with those with high ambition and intellectual curiosity, and always learners
5. Strategic and analytical insight combined with a passion for technology
Language Skills
• Japanese Native communication skills
• English Business or higher level of communication skills

1. 4 or more years of project management experience or IT consulting experience ( project management experience related to software development with Big4 or AC, IBM etc.)
2. Understanding of agile / lean approach to UI / UX, software development Project management experience
3. Experience working on innovative projects on solution or business issues
4. Experience of Fintech, InsureTech, PharmaTech +
5. Experience with global team and clients
6. Experience as team leader
7. Atlassian such as JIRA and Confluence Product or work experience with GitLab
8. Data analytics experience (Tableau, Power BI experience +)