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09-18 Blockchain Developer/ブロックチェーンディベロパー


Professional Services & Consulting

5-8 million
 1. If you are interested in working-in-a-fast-paced, continuously conducting the transformation of our clients, and will be a center for developing the solutions necessary to success in an incredibly competitive global landscape.
2. Work as Software Developer focusing on Blockchain, smart-contracts and Dapps
3. Develop a working block chain prototypes based on a variety of use-cases, as well as identifying the optimal platform and architecture.
4. Working and developing environment, with a variety of teams across the practice.
5. Familiar with tthe creation and deployment of smart contracts across Blockchain Nodes on Ethereum
6. Having at least some basic practical knowledge of working with DApps
1. Identify, design and implement the optimal methods to convert blockchain business
2. Use-cases into working prototypes.
3. Input into the development and creation of use-cases, which will include application of smart-contracts and DApps.
4. Establishing and maintaining the environments in which blockchain solutions can be implemented, including development, testing, and production environments.
5. Maintain a continuous integration pipeline for the development and testing of applications.
1. Degree in Computer Science or related field.
2. 3 + years Developer / Design Experience, preferred.
3. System development experience in C ++, C #, Java, Javascript, Python, etc.
4. Experience with Linux (RHEL and Debian) a plus.
5. Familiarity with Git version control software is a must.
6. Interest in cryptography and some knowledge of cryptographic hash functions and their implementation.

• English Business or higher level of communication skills
• Japanese Communication skills helpful but not necessary

• Ideal candidate will be someone who has done development work around blockchain with Ethereum, Hyperledger, or a similar platform
• Ideal candidate should have at least one of the following use cases
- Crypto currency exchanges
- Track & Trace
- In tokenization and / or Stablecoin
• Experience in the AWS or Azure or Google cloud computing platform is a plus.
• Experience in deployment pipelines such as Kubernetes is a plus.
• Hands on experience in Ethereum (Go, C ++, Rust), Hyperledger ( As Fabric And Such Sawtooth), Ripple, Bitcoin, Litecoin -. A Big Plus
• Hands on experience with smart-contract tools such as solidity, truffle- A Big Plus
• Knowledge on security design as a big plus
• Working knowledge of Node and related tools is a plus
• Experience working with teams with Agile / Lean Approaches.
• Experiences working on developing interfaces between blockchain and enterprise solutions such as SAP