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Engagement Director for Foreign Insurance Client Tokyo


09-18 Engagement Director for Foreign Insurance Client/エンゲージメントディレクター(保険業界)


Professional Services & Consulting

7-9 million
 Capgemini is looking for a strong engagement head to manage a team of 50 members for Guidewire Claim Center implementation project.

1. End to end responsibility for Project/Transformation delivery
2. Communication across all levels of client and Capgemini organization
3. Daily program management throughout the program life cycle
4. Defining the program governance (controls)
5. Planning the overall program and monitoring the progress; Managing the program’s budget
6. Managing risks and issues and taking corrective measurements
7. Coordinating the projects and their interdependencies
8. Managing and utilizing resources across projects
9. Managing stakeholders’ communication
10. Aligning the deliverables (outputs) to the program’s “outcome” with the aid of the business change manager
11. Managing the main program documentations such as the program initiation document


 Requirements and Qualifications:
1. Good knowledge and handling of project and program management methodology and techniques
2. Project management experience in Guidewire or other package implementation project at any of SIer or Consulting firms
3. Good understanding of the wider objectives of the program
4. Ability to work positively with the wide range of individuals involved in program management
5. Strong leadership and management skills
6. Good knowledge of budgeting and resource allocation procedures
7. The ability to find innovative ways to resolve problem
8. At least 15 years of client facing work with at least 5 years in a similar role in Japan
9. Knowledge of PMBOK/PMI
10. Native level Japanese and strong English (reading, writing, and speaking)