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IT Consultant for Insurance Industry Tokyo


09-18 IT Consultant for Insurance Industry/ITコンサルタント(保険業界)


Professional Services & Consulting

7-9 million
 At a global consulting firm, you will be involved in planning, requirements definition and implementation projects in digital transformation and business packages for the insurance industry. After hiring, we will assign to a project that is appropriate, but what we can commonly say is to be active in an international environment.
If you are not confident in business-level English at this time, we would like to support global companies as IT consultants.
Those who do not have experience in the insurance industry should acquire knowledge through training programs and OJT.
Project example
1. Insurance business digital transformation strategy formulation
2. Insurance business core business requirements definition and package introduction support
3. Insurance related project PMO
4. Project support as an insurance related system architect

 Work reward
1. Participating in a project that adopted a global standard approach
2. Those who want to be active in the global environment in the IT consulting industry
3. Be involved in the projects of global companies doing business across countries
Application conditions
1. More than 2 years of system implementation experience in IT industry
2. More than 2 years of server-side development experience using object-oriented language (Java, Python, etc.)
3. Those who want to build their career in a global environment
4. Actively adopt the industry's best practices