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Big data Data Administrator (Splunk) Tokyo


09-18 Big data Data Administrator (Splunk)/ビックデータデータアドミニストレーター(Splunk)


Professional Services & Consulting

7-9 million
 Our client is a leading insurance company in Japan and creating a big data hub using the latest technology. Data from various sources will be ingested into Data hub, it will be cleaned, transformed and used for analysis.
We are seeking for a Splunk expert.
Key Responsibilities:
1. Model and maintain datasets, databases, data processing systems, and data pipelines.
2. Implement internal dashboards for the team to data archive, metrics tracking, and measurement of KPI
3. Work with Data Scientists for analysis and machine learning using Apache Spark MLlib, Azure ML Studio, Jupyter, and Pyspark.
4. Establish distributed systems and scalable solutions clusters such as Splunk enterprise to assemble large datasets from machine data.
5. Any other add hoc task required around Splunk.


 Technology Skill set required:
1. Familiar with Splunk, Oracle, SQL server, PowerShell, Bash, Windows, Linux
2. Splunk: installation
3. Splunk: operation
4. DB(SQL Server/Oracle)
Language Requirement:
1. Excellent communication skills in either Japanese or English language. Bilingual is preferable.