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Business (IT) Consultant (Manufacturing & Services) Tokyo


09-18 Business IT Consultant (Manufacturing & Services)/ビジネスITコンサルタント(製造&サービス)


Professional Services & Consulting

7-9 million
 Content of Job duties
-related (including IT) consultants for manufacturing-related companies
1. Designing strategies that will help companies win by leveraging the power of the new digital economy.
2. Helping companies create value and achieve results through Capgemini's superiority in advanced digital technologies, information, and business transformation knowledge and experience.
Project example
1. Planning and implementation preparation for IT cost reduction, internal environment rearranging (information gathering, problem rearranging), external environment analysis (business industry and technology trend survey in manufacturing industry, impact analysis on IT department based on it, IT department of other companies) Survey and case collection of
2. Global IT organizational structure design, IT HQ function design, location candidate site selection, etc. due to reorganization of customers
Related service
1. Next-generation manufacturing with a view to Industry 4.0: Supporting the realization of significant digitalization of production processes (smart factories) and the drastic reduction of manufacturing costs thereby
2. Correspondence to IoT / IoS
3. Digital Transformation: Help maximize customer service and internal operational efficiencies by maximizing utilization of new digital technologies
4. Global PMI: Support for post-M & A strategy, operation and system integration in borderless M & A

 Qualifications for applicants
Intended for those who have work experience as a consultant at a consulting firm or who have practical experience at a business company.

If you are an experienced consultant
1. More than 3 years of experience in business consulting at consulting firm
2. In particular, those with experience in manufacturing clients (If you are a manager at a consultant firm or higher, sales experience is also included in the mission, and people with extensive experience in negotiations with clients)
3. Business English conversation ability (level at which clients can communicate with overseas bases)
If you are from a business company (consulting firm with no experience with consulting firm)
1. Younger IT Consultant who has several years to 5 years of experience in an IT system or SIer company, or an upstream person such as an experienced Project Manager
2. A young man from a strategic business division in a major manufacturing company
3. Those who have design and development experience in R & D, Engineering Service
Ideal Candidate
1. Constantly interested at new things (Business and IT)
2. Open to infinite opportunities and think of creative ideas
3. Commitment is high, even in adversity, you can get through to the end positively
4. Those who have flexibility to make proposals for information organization, utilization and problem solving based on logical thinking and hypothesis verification thinking, and that they can act and communicate according to the situation and the other person's thoughts
5. Strong leadership and ability to build a team
6. Those who are attracted to being part of a team of diverse cultures
7. If you are interested in the environment and organization like a venture, environment in Japan, despite being a large-scale (200,000 people in the world) Global firm