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Client and Partner Account Senior Manager  Tokyo


06-17 Client and Partner Account Senior Manager/クライアントパートナーアカウントシニアマネージャー


Information & Technology

8-12 million
1. Sales operations of VR and other goods sales as a sales agent (Offline + Online)
2. Formulate and carry out all conditions regarding divisions and sales to partners
3. Check all inventory flow so there is no shortage or out of stock situations
4. Hold regular meetings to understand the client's situation and lead to sales expansion
5. Set sales trends and goals for each product of Degica, and conduct effective marketing and promotion
6. Create a new business model, think and carry out the platform and mechanism to expand sales of products more than now.
7. When launching a new project, communicate both internally and externally, so strong communication skills are required.

1. University degree
2. Strong communication skills and analytical abilities, ability to imagine and implement what kind of measures can be taken
3. Organize each company and treat it fairly, even when problems occur, you will be able to face the situation seriously
4. Understand the situation and propose necessary marketing and promotion methods
5. Self-starter
6. Project management ability (ability to involve people and achieve goals without delay)
7. English reading and writing skills
8. Microsoft Office
9. Logistics and trade related work experience
Welcome requirements
1. Web store planning and operation experience
2. Digital marketing skills (eg Google, Analytics, Adwords, SEO Affiliates)
3. Work experience using English