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Digital Solution Strategic Manager 


06-13 Digital Solution Strategic Manager/デジタルソリューション戦略マネージャー


Information & Technology

9-12 million
1.Strategic development in the digital domain (linked / linked with upstream program / service strategies)
2.In-house coordination / adjustment / lead for product design / development introduction in the digital domain
3.Project management in various measures
4.Cooperation and management support with AI operation team
 <Essential Skill>
1.Experience in planning / design of new services / functions in communication / IT services
2.Launch of new services / functions, project management experience
3.Analysis and presentation skills required to explain to clients and management, and experience in creating report materials
4.PC skills (Excel & Power Point required)

<Preferred Skill>
1.Practical experience involved in system construction using AI, data preparation, cleansing, learning model creation, etc.
2.Operation management work experience using channels in the non-voice / digital domain (Knowledge construction, content creation, email correspondence, chat correspondence, etc.)
Knowledge of statistics and mathematics necessary for programming skills such as R language and Python and data analysis and analysis

1 Japanese (business level)
2 English (business level)