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IOT/OT Security Consultant Tokyo


06-14 IOT/OT Security Consultant/IOT/OT セキュリティーコンサルタント


Professional Services & Consulting

7-10 million
 Consultant / Senior Consultant
1.Scope was defined in the project, secure execution of tasks based on the product
2.Coordinate with superiors and communicate with and appropriate timing. Output based on their own ingenuity
3.Enhance their own specialization, various suggestions tailored to the client's problems
4.Guidance and advice for lower members
Manager and above
1.Assessing impact on work schedule, scope, system, client expectation value, etc., ensuring quality of products
2.Work instruction to Consultant and Senior Consultant
3.Quality review
4.Proposal activity for new Business orders, Presentation
5.Guidance and development of lower members


1.Practical experience in consulting farm or practical experience in constructing IT infrastructure for manufacturing and social infrastructure (power, railway etc.) in SIer and operating companies etc.
2.Planning, design, construction of IT infrastructure such as network and server, PMO Etc.
3.Logical thinking skills, Communication skills, Presentation skills
3.Leadership skills (results achieved by leading team members etc. etc.)
[Candidates with a minimum of Manager level]
1.2 years or more of work experience
2.Project Management experience of 10 or more people
3.Proposed activities experience went to the initiative of the towards and New Business Orders
4.Experience of Client Relationship Management