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New Technology Risk Consultant for Financial Industry Tokyo


06-19 New Technology Risk Consultant for Financial Industry /ニューテクノロジーリスクコンサルタント(金融業界)


Professional Services & Consulting

7-12 million
 Advanced support services for system risk management systems that target or utilize new technologies (*) mainly to financial institutions.
Specifically, they will be engaged in risk assessment of clients related to new technology, business improvement design/advice, and formulation of management rules.
(Depending on the situation, it may be assigned to projects other than new technology related)

New technology (example)
-New Risk Management Framework: Governance-Risk-Compliance (GRC), Data Governance / Management
-New Product: RPA, AI, Cloud, IoT (including Mobile Technology), Block Chain, Biometric
-New Method: Agile / DevOps , D & A (big data analysis and utilization), open API, Regtech


1.Graduate school or University degree or more
2.3 or more years of work experience 
3.With a high business mind, client-first behavior and other project members can be motivated.
-It is possible to detect and analyze problems, arrange issues, plan an approach to solution, explain to clients, get empathy, and put them into practice.
・ We can communicate with clients and team members in a timely and appropriate manner, and share appropriate information.
4.Consulting services, introductory planning services , system implementation services, research services
5.Experience in risk consulting services
6.Business knowledge of a financial institution
7.Experience as a team leader-Experience in global projects
8.Business level English skills