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Trading Company Sector Business Design Reform Consultant Tokyo


06-19 Trading Company Sector Business Design Reform Consultant/商社部門ビジネスデザインリフォームコンサルタント


Professional & Consulting

7-12 million
 General trading companies have made great strides in turning the profit from trading to business investment, but in the future, instead of relying solely on dividends for investment returns, they will actively enter into the business of the investee and invest in Emphasis is placed on enhancing the value of each subsidiary and affiliate in order to obtain stable earnings by increasing the business revenue of
Based on the above, two major general trading companies have begun to undertake structural reform of their headquarters operations. This has created a wide variety of opportunities, including business reforms, organizational reforms, and system reforms in the sales department, including subsidiary companies.
In general trading company, there is a flow aiming at the added value improvement of the company and the operating company, regarding the operating company not as a mere investment target but as a management target, in response to the decline of resource prices and the economic slowdown in emerging countries in recent years. .
Therefore, we will organize issues concerning business management, sales management, financial management, etc. that influence the decision making of the management level of a company, and propose reform proposals.
As a mechanism to support that, we are looking for human resources who can perform PMO, business arrangement, requirements definition, vendor management, etc. in the expansion of the core system (general trading company is mainly SAP).


1.Business reform, improvement planning,
2.5+ years of experience of introducing SAP package such as SAP, etc.
Japanese: Native or Business Level
English: Native language or Business
4.Excellent logical thinking and Communication skills
・Manager or above
- Project management experienced in Business Management, Sales Operations, Financial Operations
・Senior Consultant or Less
- Project experience in organizing task issues / improvement measures, Project experience held in trading company