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Energy & Infrastructure consultant Tokyo


06-19 Energy & Infrastructure consultant/エネルギーインフラコンサルタント


Professional Services & Consulting

7-12 million
 1.Partner / Director (Oil & Gas) - High knowledge of the industry and top relationship with clients.
2.Sr. Manager / Manager (electric power and gas utilities, oil & gas, infrastructure railway, large-scale project construction) Manager positions experience in major Consulting Company


 1. BusiService - Energy & Infrastructureness Consulting in the Energy and Infrastructure Industry.
2.Consulting Competencies
We expect candidates to have strong experience in one or more of the following areas:
・ Corporate strategy
・ Business strategy
・ Operation strategy
・ New business (Inbound, Outbound)
・ Marketing
・ Sales (CRM) / SCM
・ Asset (facility) management, operation & maintenance (AM, O & M)
・ Plant life cycle management ( PLM),
・ Human resources management (HCM) , IT planning, introduction , digital strategy, introduction
3.Project Management skill
4. Passion for reform of the energy industry reform of the energy industry, mainly electricity and gas, the oil is one of the focus areas of KC. Candidates are required to have experience and a strong interest in one or more of the following areas or a strong passion in one or more of the following areas: