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Consumer & Service Sector Consultant Tokyo


06-19 Consumer & Service Sector Consultant/コンシューマーサービスコンサルタント


Professional Services & Consulting

7-12 million
1. Senior Manager: As industry / account manager Communicate with departmental managers in multiple business areas, understand business issues, collaborate with service lines, and present solutions. In addition, project managers of multiple projects can be implemented to develop projects.
2. Manager: Continuously participate in a specific project, and can build relationships with clients on-site key persons. In addition, as a project manager, you can acquire contract extension and expansion contracts.
3. Senior Consultant: Achieve high quality delivery for a specific project. In addition, they have work experience and knowledge, have their own area of expertise, and can provide high added value to clients.
1.Through extensive consulting experience with the following industry / industry companies, or through experience of operating companies Project insights such as deep industry insight and business reform / system lead experience, consumer goods maker (food, beverage, cosmetics, daily necessities, apparel etc.), retail business, distribution industry (food service, business conditions including Internet retailer), warehouse, High expertise in any of the following areas in logistics (land transportation, shipping), leisure, hotel, human resources services, housing services, care and health services, education services
2.consulting experience in the above-mentioned industry / industry companies
- strategy & operations, digital and Analytics system construction / introduction
- Japanese: Native Level
- English: Business Or more (however, taken into account depending on the rank)