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06-14 Public Sector Consultant/パブリックセクターコンサルタント


Professional Services & Consulting

8-12 million
There are many social issues facing Japanese society, such as the declining birthrate and aging population, energy problems, and urban concentration of population, and the solution is in a state of no waiting. In the Public sector, a broad view of the public domain such as Central Ministries, Local Governments, Infrastructure-related Companies and other highly Public Enterprises / Groups, etc., we support from policy planning stage to policy promotion stage towards its realization. The main target will be domestic, but the application of advanced overseas cases to Japan like the My Number System will increase further in the future, and we will make full use of our strengths as a Global Firm to provide services. We look forward to having a strong desire to actively provide our knowledge and experience as a Consultant in order to improve Japan.
We are seeking a lead role after acquiring the project preferentially Manager class or higher.
We require candidates at least upper than Manager level can who lead phases from development to post- acquisition.


 1.5+ years working experience.
- Japanese: Native language or business or more
- English: Business or more (However, it is considered according to rank and expected PJ) .
3.Great logical thinking ability and communication ability
4.Those who have any of the following qualifications are welcome:
- PMP (Project Management Professional) and Information. Security Specialist
5.Consulting experience with central government agencies, external organizations, local governments, etc. for administrative agencies .
6.Consulting experience with medical institutions, educational institutions etc.