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Media and Entertainment Consultant Tokyo


03-11 Media and Entertainment Consultant/メディア&エンターテイメントコンサルタント


Professional Services & Consulting

12-16 million
1. Advertising Agency, Broadcasting and Publishing Industry has undergone significant digital waves with ever-increasing acceleration and continues to change.
2. We and Entertainment & Media maintain management staff in specialized fields and provide management support with a wide range of solutions ranging from new business development to further expansion of IP business.

1. Consulting Work Experience · Media · Advertising Agency (More than 2 years).
2. Quantitative / Qualitative Analytical Power: Handle large amounts of data / files appropriately.
3. Can organize in a way to withstand sharing with others including clients and can logically make suggestions.
4. Research ability: Collect information by not only using Desktop but also various information sources and extract points / suggestions.
5. Interview Power: Interview Progress and Agenda & Minutes can be created.
6. Task design ability: Issue organization / Structuring, Approach design, Man-hour estimation can be performed with appropriate precision / granularity.
7. Slide creation ability: Understanding / evolving message lines, It can be configured structurally stable slide.
8. Presentation force: in the MTG of the client or internal.
9. Communication skills: a variety of team and in collaboration with the client.
10. Business level reading, writing, listening, speaking ability in both Japanese and English.