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SGI-AIT Senior Consultant Tokyo


09-13 SGI-AIT Senior Consultant/SGI-AIT シニアコンサルタント


Professional Services & Consulting

6-9 million
 For the clients' various business problems, we provide total services as follows:
1. Problem Visualization using data
2. Forecast/optimization in terms of optimal operation
3. Operational automization combining digital technology
4. Building digital strategies / planning to execution / implementation of new business model
5. Problem solution utilizing data analysis, planning formulation of new business model creation adopting digital technology


1. 3 years of system development experience (custom development with Java, Scala, JavaScript etc.) or equivalent skill
2. More than 1 year of AI, Machine learning, Analysis system development experience utilizing statistical model (custom development by Python, R, Scala etc) or equivalent skill
3. 1 year or more of IT platform experience in cloud infrastructure, etc. or similar skills
4. 3 years or more of client facing, negotiation experience or equivalent skill
5. Having a high business mindset and possess a ‘client-first’ behavior
<Nice to have>
1. Master's degree in Science and Engineering
1. Experience in consulting business related to corporate digital transformation
2. Research on Advanced IT, Artificial Intelligence and analysis areas in companies and universities
3. Experience leading a team of 5 or more people
4. Experience of using Hadoop, Spark, and other Bigdata ecosystems
5. IoT ecosystem design and construction experience utilizing Spark-streaming, Storm, Kafka, etc.
6. Development of analysis system using major framework library such as Tensorflow, Chainer, Sckit-learn
7. Cloud platform design and development experience in Azure, AWS, GCP etc.
8. System design and development experience in VR / AR / MR etc
9. Knowledge of attention factors in future business such as space engineering and eSports