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AI/Data Director Tokyo


06-14 AI/Data Director/AIデータディレクター


Professional Services & Consulting

6-13 million
1.To lead AI / Data team in Lighthouse and operate flexibly for various required level projects and to produce technological results with high customer value.
2.Drive a team of Data Engineer / Scientist and AI Engineer / Scientist to provide solutions platform engine / application ranging from PoC level to commercial level, internal and external clients. To discover interesting trends and relationships.
1.Experience, knowledge, ability to execute original API / engine / solution development as well as the level to connect existing APIs and solutions, ability to execute.
2 Human resources with diverse technical backgrounds are summarized, experience, knowledge and ability to make development and operation possible .
3.Understand strategic direction and necessary actions in unknown, undefined circumstances experience, knowledge and execution ability.

1.Practical knowledge on AI related technology, Data analysis, UI / UX, computer science (CPU / GPU / memory, compiler, language, database, network, cloud etc.) and development. Implementation experience.
2.Start up business, introduction of product market practical knowledge and experience in management from medium-sized in geographically distributed environment of large-scale team experience .
3.English and Business & Technology communication skills in Japanese.
Language Skills
1.English: Business or more.
2.Japanese: Business or higher.