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Geopolitics Risk Related Sales Planning in Tokyo


03-06 Geopolitics Risk Related Sales Planning /地政リスク関連セールスプランニング


Professional Services & Consulting

11-15 million
 Our company would like to help expand our clients business abroad so we need a Senior Manager level individual who can understand the geopolitical risks involved with starting a new business in various countries. A high understanding of international politics and law as well as up to date trends for this area of business is vital for this position.

In this position you will be supporting the Leader in this department and if you are up to the challenge; you could manage a small team. It is a very high-level position which can help Japanese companies expand their businesses abroad.

Geopolitics risk related personnel
1. Program development.
2. Hosting of client events.
3. Numerical management.
1. Person who has experience in planning overseas business development at operating company (to which country how to deploy.
2. Consulting farm, think-tank etc. to provide service on geopolitical risks Experienced one.
3. Accept things flexibly and drive themselves (overseas work etc).
4. Have intellectual curiosity (Habits to keep studying even after becoming a social worker, people like).