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Digital Marketing Leader in Tokyo


03-06 Digital Marketing Leader/デジタルマーケティングリーダー


Professional Services & Consulting

14-16 million
1. Based on Our Company’s Purpose, vision, brand strategy and management plan, clearly define the role and purpose of the digital communication channel such as website and SNS from the viewpoint of branding / marketing, and follow the channel design and contents Planning, administration and management.
2. Pursue overall optimization (realization of digital communication channel embodying our companys values) while coordinating global policy and interests among stakeholders including each department.
 1. Vision for website and SNS , bundle members one by one, maintain motivation, aim for persistent goal while maximizing team power.
2. From a global perspective Balanced sense that we do not neglect the stuffing planning power, organizational strength and stuffing of detail
3. Planning · construction · operation experience of B to B site for branding and marketing:
· high project management ability
· high Japanese writing ability and Editing ability
· Understand the specifications of CMS and utilization tools
4. Global led website renewal project and business collaboration experience.
5. English reading comprehension ability and verbal communication ability in English.
6. manage conflicts among stakeholders, High coordination ability and bargaining power, communication skills and presentation skills to conduct appropriate site planning and management.