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Seminar and Events Marketing Manager in Tokyo


12-18 Seminar and Events Manager/セミナー&イベントマネージャー


Professional Services & Consulting

8 -12million
Based on changes in communication (digitization, visualization, mobile, etc.), we will continue to test seminar / event contents more effective dispatch methods.

In addition to marketing seminars / events, marketing (Webization, delivery of digest movies, etc.) will be implemented in cooperation with other teams. Therefore, in addition to quality control, contribution through collaboration with planning and marketing channels is more important.

 1. Planning: vision, brand strategy and management plan, clearly understand the role and purpose of seminars and events from the viewpoint of branding / marketing, proposing methods for holding seminars / events according to that .
2. Project Management: Seminar / event planning advice, operation support Get user feedback
3. Quality Management: Responsibilities for the quality of seminars / events, pursue quality improvement of contents and venues with ownership.
4. Cooperation with Marketing Channel: Maximize the effect of branding & marketing while always seeking opportunities to link with other teams (other marketing channels).