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SCM Solution Specalist for logistics and process improvement in Tokyo


12-06 SCM Solution (Staff ~ Specialist)
SCM ソリューション(スタッフースペシャリスト)


Information & Technology

6.5 million
Seeking an SCM Solution Staff who will participate and contribute to the development of logistics, process improvement, quality of services and customer satisfaction by utilizing various latest technologies. In addition to numerical analysis, this person will work on solution of kaizen collaborating with relevant company and partner clients.

This position will optimize existing business operation process in delivery center and will propose quality of logistics and cost improvement.

1. 3+ years working experience.
2. People feeling comfortable working in liquid and free company culture.
3. Proactive and highly motivated person.
4. Ability for business construction and improvement with fast-paced action.
5. Ability to understand requirements from outside and internal customers appropriately and apply them into the business operation.
6. Proficient in Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint and Word.
7. Ability to understand Acyan operation flow in logistics warehouse through OJT.
8. Working experience in business building or business improvement in logistics and warehouse.
9. Experience in using and improving WMS, Data Mining tools in business.
10. Ability to lead project.
11. Strong negotiation skills.
12. Language: Fluent Japanese.