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Strategy Consultant Job in Tokyo Real Estate Area


10-22 Strategy Consultant All Levels (Real Estate)/戦略コンサルタント (不動産)


Professional Services & Consulting

7-10 million
1. Analysis, appraisal and advisory work in real estate and loans
2. Due diligence and appraisal work in in real estate and loans
3. Market value of real estate and loans for accounting and tax purposes
4. Financial advisory during purchase and sales of real estate
5. Support in fair value test during accounting audit
6. Market research and feasibility study
7. Research, appraisal, provide expert opinion of other real estates

1. Real estate appraiser certification holder
2. Hands-on experience in real estate appraisal
3. Hands-on experience in real estate advisory
4. Experienced in real estate related M&A and restructuring
5. Basic English language proficiency (Preferably done business in English)
6. Japanese language is a must (native level)
7. Communication skills with external parties
8. Excellent Microsoft Office skills including Excel and Power Point