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Strategy Consultant in Tokyo


10-17 Strategy Consultant All Levels


Professional Services & Consulting

8-19 million
1. Development of growth strategies: In order to optimize capital growth as well as any M&A transaction, we support the client through the selection of optimal local or global market entry opportunities, as well provide growth analysis and strategy support.
2. Market valuation: We provide research and evaluation support for new products & technology services, or strategic opportunities for new global market entry.
3. New market entry strategy: When clients are looking to deliver new products / services, or enter a new global market; we support our clients by analyzing, supporting, and identifying the investment risks, valuations, and strategic opportunities to enter a new global market.
4. Investment / Business Valuations + Supporting the creating of a successful business strategy: We support our clients in considering vital investment matters, evaluating potential values, and prioritizing specific investment opportunities.
5. Evaluations of strategic options: Upon evaluating & analyzing strategic opportunities, develop & prioritize long term strategic plans and options.
6. Supporting the optimization of business portfolios: Reorganize the client’s portfolio in order to attain growth or company objectives. Assist in the sale of existing businesses/branches (carve-out) etc.
7. Strategy execution support: Actively support and implement new strategies by providing hands on support in M&A value-ups, Post Merger Integrations (PMI), or corporate planning / business strategy.


1. Bachelor or Master’s degree
2. Logical thinking capability
3. Three or more years of work experience
4. Experience in consulting, in-house projects, or involvement as a member in the following areas is highly desirable: Experience in M&A strategy, business development policy and reform, strategy projects related to overseas expansion, global strategy projects, PMI, or project management/PMO. Experience in mid-term corporate planning within industrial companies, business planning, capital tie-up strategies, business development, technology strategy formulation etc.