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Sales Planner, Controller in Osaka


10-15 Sales Planner/Controller - Osaka
セールスプランナー (大阪)


Consumer Goods & Retail

7-9 million n
1. Budget and control sales volumes and the orders for all the businesses such as Retail, Wholesale and Online.
2. Provide timely information and reports on business performance, competitors situation, market trend, etc. that are required in management decision-making.
3. Forecast sales and propose actions to fill the gap between target and actual.
4. Evaluate and verify efficiency and adequacy of the store operations.
5. Promote the store support project that is for sales maximization.
6. Design and build up tools and processes to appropriately manage KPIs such as traffic, conversion rate, average price, etc.


1. University degree and equivalent
2. Experience in planning and analysis either in commercial or financial functions
3. Experience in reporting the figures related to company/business performance to management team of the company
4. Strong numerical and analytical skills
5. Good communication skills at the any levels of the organization
6. Business English skill
7. DB and PC literacy for data analysis and reporting