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CRM Manager in Tokyo


10-15 CRM Manager/CRM マネージャー


Consumer Goods & Retail

6.5-7.5 million
1. Activate CRM program through information on membership data.
2. Make a useful proposal on sales improvement based on analysis on membership trend.
3. Analysis on trend of club card member and reporting.
4. Team management (more than 3 staff including yourself)
5. Reporting in board member meeting and regular meeting for project.
6. Communication with HQ, reporting, and development of collaborative project.

1. 5+ years experience in planning, operating and analyzing membership program is desirable or similar working experience in addition to 3+ years CRM experience is acceptable.
2. 2+ years quantitative analysis based on data on membership and products.
4. Experience in implementing new system, participating big project and leading project in CRM or similar business.
5. 3+ years experience in taking care of customer information (extracting DM addresses etc) and also strong ethics of individual information (reference: sending DM to approx 150,000 members 4-5 times in half a year
6. 2+ years team management experience
7. TOEIC 730+ or equivalent English skill
8. Proficient in excel (middle to advance level) and PowerPoint in business level