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IoT / AR / VR / Blockchain / AI / 3D Printer / Drone and Robotics Consultant in Tokyo


08-03 Emerging Technology Consultant/テクノロジーコンサルタント


Professional Services & Consulting

6-10 million
In this position you will propose a new service and support the idea for new business using the latest technology. Technology related to but not limited to: IoT / AR / VR / Blockchain / AI / 3D Printer / Drone and Robotics. If you have the knowledge of these hi-technologies then you may be a good fit for this position.

In this position, you are not only helping to implement strategies but you are actively thinking of new solutions to solve your clients problems. Technology is the way if the future and like the old Bob Dylan saying “please get out of the new one if you cannot lend your hand, for the times they are a changin’”.

This is the fun division of the company there is a mixture of different personalities ranging from mid-career employees, females and employees from abroad. It is a very diverse and challenging position.


Experience with deeply hi-tech industries:
1. IoT / AR / VR / Blockchain / AI / 3D Printer / Drone and Robotics.
2. Great tech skills (Java/ Go/ Elixir /Python /Rust).
3. Familiarity with (AWS/ Google Cloud/ Azure platforms).

1. Previous Tech Consultant in Consulting Firm (refer to above skills).

*Fluent in Japanese (N1 and above)
*Business Level English is preferred (700 TOEIC +)