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Bid Manager in Tokyo


07-10 Bid Manager/入札 マネージャー


Mapping Data / GPS Navigation Software

11.5-14.95 milli
1. Bid Strategy: Support identification and Pre-Qualification of opportunities to maximize company’s solution offering.
2. Bid Team Formation: Establishing of virtual Bid teams across various departments (Sales, Customer- and Market Development, Tech-Pre-Sales, Product Management, Quality, Legal etc.) as per the scope of each Bid.
3. Bid Coordination & Communication: Provide End-to-End coordination and Stakeholder communication of the solution creation.
4. Requirement Intake Management: Structured documentation of the requirements to enable the bid response. And support the tracking of customer requests against the Product feature roadmaps.
5. Bid Process: drive continuous improvements to make it more cost efficient and successful.
6. Reflection: Review bidding results and provide feedback to relevant teams for future improvement.
7. Bidding process improvement: Design processes and mechanisms to make bidding process faster and efficient.

1. Bachelors or higher degree in Computer Science, MIS or related technical degree.
2. Minimum of 5 years of experience in the sale and delivery of infotainment or connected systems, cloud platform (PaaS), enterprise software or industry solutions. A total of 12+ years of work experience.
3. Negotiation skills with the goal of influencing customer decisions to gain and retain business.
4. Presentation skills, with the ability to assemble effective presentations with clear, concise messages.
5. Strong product understanding and the ability to advise customers on the product and its usage.
6. Understanding of the application development lifecycle and supporting infrastructures.
7. Written skills, the ability to convey difficult technical terms in easy-to-understand written formats.
8. Highly motivated, energetic, committed and willingness to fill gaps to getting results.
9. A record of driving revenue growth and market adoption.
10. Willingness to travel up to 50%.