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Delivery Manager in Retail industry in Tokyo


07-03 Delivery Manager/デリバリーマネージャー


Consumer Goods & Retail

7-9 million
1. Work closely with Head of Operations and store managers to align about delivery store operations, logistics and assets (construction & fittings).
2. Validate the defined regional delivery objectives with store managers, sales force managers.
3. Organize regular meetings with store managers to inform and exchange about the delivery business.
4. Work closely with Customer Target Group Management to align about delivery customer group, assortment, pricing, service, branding and communication policy. Inform them about delivery customer and consumer experiences in our stores. Inform them about delivery competitors.
5. Work closely with Buying to align procurement of defined assortments.
6. Work closely with Logistics to align goods ordering and goods receiving.
7. Work closely with Controlling to set up and guarantee accuracy of KPI’s.
8. Work closely to install and improve IT support for delivery processes and delivery E-commerce development.
9. Work closely with HR to align with delivery recruitment and appropriate delivery training.
10. Represent Delivery Business at local HO level.
11. Monitor accuracy of delivery offer management.
12. Monitor delivery execution.
13. Monitor delivery results (weekly, monthly and quarterly) and take actions to improve if necessary.

1. University Degree, preferably in Economics or Business Management.
2. At least 3 years relevant experience in sizeable wholesales or retail organizations.
3. At least 3 years experience of interacting with E-commerce and delivery operation.
4. Fluent in English and Japanese (both written and spoken).
5. Excellent communication and negotiation skills, and ability to influence and work well with people at all levels.
6. Excellent analytical, problem solving, project management and team leadership capabilities.
7. Profound market and business understanding.
8. Strong Service Orientation towards internal and external customers.
9. Entrepreneurial and customer focus, understands the business and how trading works.
10. Understands and applies to business specifics in other countries and Japan.