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Advertising Production Manager in Tokyo


06-29 Advertising Production Manager/広告プロダクションマネージャー


Consumer Goods & Retail

7-11 million
1. Conduct advertisement reviews in line with relevant laws and regulations, creative expressions, company guidelines, etc., and instruct and request necessary personnel concerned.
2. Grasp the campaign plan (business background, products, target, purpose, media plan etc), accumulate knowledge from past campaign performance, and use it for advertisement production.
3. Organize the regulations and required tasks (including confirmation to relevant departments) of advertising productions required for the campaign.
4. In addition, formulate a progress schedule and disseminate it to stakeholders inside and outside the company. We will re-adjust and update the schedule from time to time.
5. Produce direction to creative / design team in AMG.
6. Review the performance in the campaign and provide insight into the creative viewpoint.

1. 4-year university degree or above
2. Work experience in digital advertising productions (banners and campaign pages) of 5 years or more
3. Production department or digital department of advertising agency, or sales department expereince.
4. Experienc in the production department of digital media company
5. Experience in the sales or as a producer of a digital production
6. Analysis of digital advertising experience
7. Project Management Expereince
8. Ability to work in cooperation with various internal departments
9. Basic operations of Microsoft Office (Outlook, Excel (vlookup · if function · pivot), Word, PowerPoint)
10. Basic operation of graphic tools such as Photoshop
11. English (about TOEIC 700 points / communication with reading and writing can be taken)
12. Native level Japanese