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Consumer Goods & Retail


06-01 UX Researcher/UX リサーチャー


10-13 million


1. Work closely with cross-functional teams to identify impactful and actionable research questions.
2. Prioritize research studies based on analysis of customer problem/opportunity and business goals.
3. Identify best method or mix of methods based on research questions, timeline and resourcing after distilling project goals and research questions into well thought-out research plans.
4. Own the research process, including designing, scheduling, organizing, and executing studies with internal teams and external agencies.
5. Conduct and moderate user research, and if needed qualitative and quantitative research, with rigor while ensuring participant comfort.
6. Perform thorough data analysis in order to create insightful and actionable findings.
7. Present findings and recommendations to stakeholders and senior leadership in both verbal and written form.
8. Enable effective decision making by retrieving and aggregating data from multiple sources and compiling it into a format that will support decision making and actions.



1. A BS or equivalent degree in psychology, cognitive science, Human Centered Interaction (HCI), etc.
2. Deep knowledge of the Internet/online marketing industry, preferably in eCommerce shopping behaviors.
3. Professional experience in research with a strong grasp of qualitative and quantitative research methodologies and fluency in best practices for user research.
4. End-to-end experience and proficiency with all aspects of research (study design, recruiting, moderation, analysis, reporting).
5. Hands-on experience and proficiency with: lab-based user testing, remote testing, paper prototype testing, iterative prototype testing, concept testing, field research, international research, and survey design.
6. Keen ability to turn insights and analysis into impactful and actionable insights.
7. Ability to meet ambitious deadlines and deliver high-quality work on schedule.
8. Strong bias for execution and delivering results.
9. Excellent communication, presentation, interpersonal and analytical skills; the ability to communicate complex concepts clearly and persuasively across different audiences and varying levels of the organization.
10. Demonstrated skills in managing complex processes with multiple business owners, making trade-offs against business priorities.
11. Demonstrated ability to work with global technology and business teams.
12. Fluency in English and Japanese languages required.