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Analyst Consultant in Tokyo


05-09 Analyst Consultant /アナリストコンサルタント


Professional Services & Consulting

6-12 million
 Attractiveness to work with Data & Analytics:
1. There are also upstream projects and IT system projects, so we can leverage our strengths and be involved in diverse projects, expanding our experience and knowledge.
2. Because of the start-up period of new business, you can experience a wide range of business such as business strategy formulation, sales activities, delivery activities regardless of position.
3. You can hone your skills by taking analytics training shared on global network.
4. You can experience global delivery by utilizing state-of-the-art tools, methodology, and analyst resources possessed by global network.
5. Relatively high proportion of employees who have mid-career hires, realizing flexible and flat organization management.


 1. Experience doing Business Analytics.
2. Software/Vendor who was involved in developing and analyzing tools.
3. People who were involved in analytics work in the analytics department.
4. Knowledge of Advertising agency in digital marketing.
5. Those who have business-level English ability.