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Account Manager in Tokyo


04-05 Account Manager


Information & Technology

5-8 million
1. Establish a very strong relationship with clients, being a trusted source of contact for the clients.
2. Act as an objective client advocate back into the business, maintaining a high level of client satisfaction whilst managing client’s expectations.
3. Maintain high level of client retention rate based on strong client satisfaction and excellent value, as well as making sure clients are reference-able for new sales prospect.
4. Coordinate and work with internal functional and delivery groups to deliver required client outcomes and results, coordinating the quality and timeliness of all client communications.
5. Generate revenues from existing client base, by recommending/promoting value added services, upgrades, upselling into new solutions and consulting services.
6. Develop a client strategic/engagement plan for all key clients to maximise client revenues and satisfaction levels.
7. Manage and maintain up-to-date client contracts and renewals, reflecting the services engaged for and the expectations of the clients.
8. Maintain strong morale and client facing capabilities within the business for resources working with clients.

1. Account management experience.
2. Strong communication skills in Japanese and English.
3. Demonstrated proficiency in Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint
4. Demonstrated ability to develop and maintain a supportive, productive and mutually beneficial relationships with others in the workplace; establishing connections with internal and external parties that are essential for the accomplishment of work goals
5. Demonstrated ability to develop an effective communication using techniques / methods to convey clear information / ideas to ensure others understanding and maximize engagement
6. Demonstrated ability to identify and understand issues / problems / opportunities, and effectively drawing conclusions with actions to be taken in a timely manner
7. Demonstrated ability to manage relationships and influence / motivate outcomes to both internal and external parties.