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CAD Senior Engineer in Tokyo


05-23 CAD Senior Engineer or PL/PM /CAD シニアエンジニア or PL/PM


Professional Services & Consulting

12 million
1. Machine design work (mechanical design of camera, sensor, radar etc)
2. Design work of resin injection molded parts, press parts, etc.
3. Parts related to automotive parts design (engine parts, sheet metal parts, resin parts, functions · mechanical parts, lights / seats / seat belt parts etc.)
4. Team lead in customer management and project execution, team lead including overseas technical staff
1. Experience of using CATIA for 6 years or more (not necessarily in V5)
2. Work experience in mechanical design and structural design
3. Analytical experience such as strength analysis and vibration analysis, strength design experience by SIM
4. Those who can work in a Japanese environment (including daily work, e-mails, reading and creation of technical documents, correspondence with business partners)
5. Business English skills, technical cooperation experience with overseas staff
6. Leading experience of technical team, experiences such as PL and PM
Entry Requirement (Favorable):
1. Technical knowledge on automobile parts and industrial machine parts
2. Technical knowledge in radio waves and optical
3. Understanding of technical knowledge and parts type in press parts and injection molded parts
4. Customer resident experience