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Consultant IP related (patents) solutions in Tokyo


01-29 Consultant, Research & Consulting Services /コンサルタント 


Life Sciences

6.5-7.8 million
1. Cover customers mainly in corporate-segment, and offer IP related (patents) solutions in markets such as electronics, automobile/auto-parts, and/or information services.
2. Understand customers’ pain points and needs from technology and IP perspective, find the best-fit solution.
3. Be in charge of conducting analytical works by using big data extracted from company’s DBs and creating deliverables, add own insights him/herself to the result of data analytics.
4. Manage, lead and execute projects, delivering the best results to the customer within the set deadlines and budget by exercising leadership to project members and driving them.
5. Very keen to stay updated with changes in market trends, regulations and/or policies in the scientific business fields, particularly in electronics, automobiles, and/or information services, so that a consultant can grasp issues surrounding our customers and lead discussions with customers accordingly.
 1. Minimum of five+ years of work experiences from a private corporation within either of R&D department and IP department.
2. Have experienced involvement with formulating IP/R&D
3. Writing and filing patent applications by him/herself or working together with patent attorneys with decent involvements (out-sourcing only will not count,) in coordination with R&D department.
4. Patent applications and registrations such as drafting patents or executing office actions.
5. Prior art search, FTO search, IP landscaping, or IP competitive intelligence analyses.
6. Expertise in one or more of the following industries/technologies; consumer electronics, automobile/auto-parts, information services, chemical, materials, or biology.
7. Bachelors’ degree or higher in science or engineering related field.
8. Good communication/customer facing skills and presentation skills.