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SAP FICO Consultant in Tokyo


05-23 SAP FICO Consultant/FICO コンサルタント


Professional Services & Consulting

8-10 million
 1. Responsible for identifying gaps between centralized SAP and as-is business process/legal compliance, identifying requirements, to-be business processes/systems, leading/managing implementation and testing.
2. To understand global template (Functional coverage of globally standardized SAP, Global standard processes/policies)
3. To understand high level local organizational structure incl external units, as-is business process flow, high level local as-is system architecture incl. interfaces, middleware and high level data flow
4. To clarify as-is batch job scheduling, monitoring, error handling process and constraints.
5. To identify and prioritize gaps, identify high level requirements/NFRs incl. forms/reports/conversions (Uploading and downloading).
6. To identify to-be integrations, to-be integration technologies and to make list of to-be interfaces with key attributes such requirements descriptions, real-time based/batch job, protocols, data types, frequency, data size etc.
7. To make configurations as per the Japan requirements.
8. To make high level custom design for all the RICEF objects
9. To prepare the test cases (for both configured and RICEFs custom functionalities).
10. To discuss with offshore team the high level custom functionality requirements incl. integrations.
11. To review detailed design documents and UT/IT test cases.
12. To prepare the SIT test cases and test data and execute the SIT.
13. To clarify questions from the client team and from development team in a timely manner.
14. To support the client team and the development team in testing, training, master data preparation and data migration.
15. To communicate with the client team incl. end users.
16. To make a daily communication, weekly and monthly reports to the functional lead.
 1. Japanese language skill (Native level: Speaking/listening/writing/reading), Basic English skill (Reading, Writing)
2. Business process knowledge in accounting and controlling fields (J-JAAP/IFRS, J-Tax, Any specific process to pharmaceutical industry)
3. Business Blue Printing/Gap analysis experiences
4. Following FICO functional, technical configuration capability
5. 3+ year experiences in SAP project experience (Full ASAP Lifecycle: 1.Project Preparation; 2.Business Blueprint; 3.Realization; 4.Final Preparation; 5.Go Live; 6.Post production Support)
6. Hands-on including Documentation
7. Communication skill, Good Interpersonal skill and flexibility
8. Physical, mental toughness