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6-19 Mobile Service Consultant / モバイルサービスコンサルタント


6-8 million


1. You may help to develop mobile service proposals and present to client as the Subject Matter Expert.
2. Our global network provide you a broad view of developing or planning new business for the client.
3. Develop mobile planning by using the existing mobile terminal and wearable terminal OR [create new things] during the digital planning, we provide both opportunities according to your experience and capability.
4. We are looking for people who can be active and succeed in the attractive environment with our clients which comprise various industries such as Products, Retail and SCM, Financial Service, Telecommunication, Electricity and Gas etc.


1. Business Level of Japanese is required. (JLPT Level 1 is preferred).
2. Demonstrated experience in: Consulting (without regard to industries), IT Sales(SI, products etc.), Service / business planning.