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Inbound Tour Promotion Sales and Marketing in Osaka


4-3 Sales & Marketing, Inbound Tour Promotion (Osaka)
セールスマーケティング ・インバウンドツアープロモーション (大阪)


Consumer Goods & Retail

4-7 million
1. Marketing and sales activities for sightseeing related company (travel agency, airline, hotel chain etc.) in East/South East Asian countries.
2. Construct improvement ideas to make the tourist spot more attractive working closely with municipalities.
3. Devise strategy on exposure for promotion activities for East/South East Asian countries.
4. Accept visitors from various countries to enhance attractiveness as tourist attraction.
1. Experience working in other Asian countries.
2. Must have business level of Chinese language skill.
3. Must be tough and able to manage high stress.
4. Strong coordination and communication skills.
5. Proficient in Excel and PowerPoint.
6. Native Japanese and business level of English is a plus.