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Software Engineer for Drone Delivery Service in Tokyo


3-16 Software Engineer for Drone Delivery Service
ソフトウェアエンジニア (ドローンサービス)


Consumer Goods & Retail

6-8 million
1. Responsible for a number of products related to drone related services. The first service began in May 2016 and focuses on drone delivery, and there are many more products in our backlog. The company understands the huge business potential and now is the right time to be here - what we do and how we do it shapes the future of this industry. We have partnered with a Japanese drone manufacturer and together developed a first of its kind drone control and monitoring dashboard.
1. We are building a web service that has to scale and be available at least 99.99% of time.
2. You will be taking on increasingly complicated tasks and we expect your knowledge to improve continuously.
3. You are expected to test your code by writing at least unit tests. Since we are using Azure SQL services you need to have some understanding of the fundamentals of relational databases.
4. You need to have previous experience working as an engineer on a team using any of the following languages: C++, C#, Delphi, F#, Go, Java, PHP, Python, Ruby or Scala. Our codebase is in C# so you must be willing develop in C# and learn it as you go.