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Information Technology


3-16 BI Engineer / BI エンジニア


6 - 7.5 million


1. Gathering user requirements, from diverse backgrounds and industries.
2. Design and Development of reporting solutions.
3. Querying Big Data/ large data sets to extract BI-related insights.
4. Enhancement and maintenance of BI Vendor Unix server infrastructures
5. Querying Big Data/ large data sets (Teradata, Hadoop, etc) to extract BI-related insights.
6. Monitor, investigate the causes of failures and provide effective solution very quickly.
7. Write detailed and easy understanding: technical reports, problem solving and operation documents.
8. Interpersonal traits to work effectively with internal and external team.


1. BS degree in Computer Science or Business.
2. More than 2 years experience with BI development in large scale mission critical settings.
3. Familiar with Linux as a deployment environment, over 3 years
4. Communication skills in English
5. Experience and willingness to go ahead with a project with team members and other sections.
6. Ability to balance and prioritize multiple projects